North Texas suburb developing tiny home neighborhood to alleviate affordable housing issues

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By Joe Chen | Mar 11, 2020

| Wikimedia Commons/Küste

Lake Dallas, a suburb in North Texas, is developing the nation's first tiny home neighborhood in response to growing affordable housing issues.

A recent Pew Research study, for example, found that Millennials are disproportionately unable to afford housing due to the rise of real estate prices, stagnant wages and student loan debt.

"It makes it more attainable for the Millennial generation because we're riddled by a bunch of student loan debt," Shelby Long, a tiny house owner, recently told NBCLX. 

Tiny homes are growing in popularity, with cities like Seattle, Detroit and Austin using them as a way to help the homeless. 

But tiny homes haven't taken over the nation yet due to common roadblocks such as zoning, permitting and public perception. 

"It's hard because it's not a regular home, but it's not a mobile home," Andi Nolan, council member of Lake Dallas City Council, recently told NBCLX. "So there were sometimes roadblocks moving forward because it didn't fit into the normal avenues a normal home would fit in to."

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