New education incentive to reduce New Jersey incarceration sentences

Restorative Justice

By Hollie Ferguson | Mar 13, 2020

Incarcerated individuals in New Jersey now have the opportunity to have their sentences reduced through a new education incentive introduced by the New Jersey Department of Corrections. The new incentive will allow New Jersey's imprisoned population to complete credit-bearing courses in an attempt to increase success upon release and reduce sentence times, the New Jersey Department of Corrections has confirmed. 

The courses which would apply under this new incentive include classes like plumbing, heating and ventilation, culinary arts and even green technology. Through incentivizing education, the corrections department aims to keep imprisoned people in step with the rest of the world, and prepare them for re-entry into society upon release. 

The department said there is no limit on the number of credits a single person can earn, and each course ranges from 0.2 to 20 credits. Each credit earned accounts for a day commuted from a prisoner's sentence. For example, completing a course would account for one credit, while earning a bachelor's degree would account for 20. 

“By incentivizing education, we are able to foster personal development and job-readiness," Commissioner Marcus O. Hicks, Esq. said. "We are confident that this new initiative will encourage more individuals to enroll in educational and workforce programming that can give them the skills needed for success after release.”

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