News from July 2018

Houston Fire Department Wants to Increase Fees
By Urban Reform Staff

If you live within the city of Houston and call 911 for a minor medical emergency, the fire department will show up and handle the situation. So long as the patient is in no immediate danger and alert enough to make medical decisions, they’ll leave. As taxpayers, many expect this service and don’t expect to be charged for it, but if some city officials have their way that may change. At the city council’s recent budget and fiscal affairs meeting, Houston Fire Department Chief Sam Pena laid out a proposed new fee schedule that would increase current charges and assess three new fees for fire department services.

Memorial Park Meters Are About Fines and Fees
By Urban Reform Staff

Houston’s announcement of paid parking meters at Memorial Park was met with differing reactions: some were supportive of the effort, while others were frustrated, chalking it up to another attempt by the City of Houston to collect more taxpayer dollars. According to a blog post, the city claims the revenue from the 572 meters — a quarter of the park’s parking spaces — will go to maintenance for the park. “The charge will be one dollar for three hours. Let’s assume all of the spaces were used 12 hours a day, 365 days per year. That would bring in about $800,000.”