Progressive-Led Cities Killing Innovation

Uber sent a public letter to Houston officials saying that, unless the fingerprint requirements implemented in 2014 are removed, they may cease operations within the city. Doing so would largely impact the thousands who use the innovative service for supplemental income and the tens of thousands who benefit from its availability.. If Houston refuses to lighten its grip, it will become the largest city in the nation to regulate Uber out of business.

Uber and Lyft have both ceased services in Austin becaue of the same big-government progressive policies implemented by their liberal mayor and city council and the reaffirmed by a public vote. Too many U.S. cities are stifling innovative businesses through overregulation and the ones left to suffer are city dwellers.

Many public officialas argue the lack of fingerprinting for ridesharing services puts public safety at risk. They use this argument knowing that fingerprinting is the poison pill for Uber and Lyft’s business models. Liberals in cities owe much of their electoral success to unions and taxi unions are no exception.

Urban Republicans are at a unique advantage having been long unelectable in America’s urban cores. But the overregulation and burdensome polices of progressives are starting to take a toll on the quality of life of urban dwellers. Those seeking relief need to embrace conservative policies.

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