Harris County Calls for Maximum Tax Increase

Harris County Calls for Maximum Tax Increase

For the first time in two decades, Harris County Commissioners Court is proposing to raise the property tax rate for county residents. The newly proposed rate is 0.65260 per $100 of value, up from last year’s 0.62998.

Commissioner Cagle proposed an alternative to keep the effective tax rate, the lowest option on the table, for all entities except the Flood Control District, which would be allowed to maintain the current rate.

Commissioner Adrian Garcia propose to maintain the same rate as 2018, but allow the Hospital District to collect the maximum allowed by state law without a voter approval.

Both proposals were shot down in favor of allowing all four Harris County taxing entities – Harris County, Flood Control District, Port of Houston, and Hospital District – to adopt the rollback rate, or the maximum allowed by state law without requiring voter approval. State Sen. Paul Bettencourt called the move a “maximum smash” on taxpayers.

Commissioners Cagle and Steve Radack voted against the measure while County Judge Hidalgo, and Commissioners Garcia and Ellis voted in favor.

Hidalgo said they wanted to adopt the maximum rate to allow for them to create a “rainy day fund” in the event of future emergencies, but seemed to ignore the impact that such an increase would have on taxpayers.

When the proposal was laid out to maintain the 2018 rate for entities, but allow the Hospital District to collect the higher rate, she said, “folks are just going to see $20 so may as well put them $30 and be safe,” talking about the overall amount taxpayers will see as a result of the vote.

The court is scheduled to formally adopt the rate on October 8 which will also serve as the last of three public hearings. The first public hearing will be on September 20 at 10 am and the second will be September 24 at 1 pm.



  • John Luis Lucci
    September 10, 2019

    Of course Hildago would gravitate to the maximum rate, liberals love spending other peoples money like it was going out of style

  • John
    September 11, 2019

    They want to collect more taxes so they’ll have more money to waste. Just like the fed. Go figure. :/

  • Anonymous
    September 11, 2019

    I did not like her “folks are just going to see $20 so may as well put them $30 and be safe,” comment, was that what she said or is this taken out of context?

    What is the proposed tax on (sales/property/etc)? Is the increase the amount mentioned in the opening paragraph of this article, but for all Harris County districts?

    While the term “maximum” sounds pretty unnerving, I’d like to know what the actual increase is in this context (maximum allowed without voter approval).

  • Carolyn Velvin Lycan
    September 11, 2019

    They act like the money is easy to come by.

  • Okafore
    September 11, 2019

    I see some people whom I won’t be voting for ever again.. Most certainly not a democrat.. I’ve had enough of their greed..

  • Fred Flickinger
    September 12, 2019

    Hard to believe a 10% increase in revenue isn’t enough.

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