City Passes $5.1 Billion Amended Budget

City Passes $5.1 Billion Amended Budget


After about eight hours of debate over amendments, City Council voted 12 – 4 in favor of Mayor Turner’s $5.2 billion 2020 budget.

Council killed attempts to increased district service budgets from to $1.5 million as well as an attempt to open the door to a “commuter fee” or congestion fee where those traveling to and from Houston would be taxed to pay for infrastructure.

Some of the amendments that did pass are below:

Council Member Knox (Amendment 1.01) – Zero-Based Budgeting for one year in 2021

Council Member Knox (Amendment 1.02) – Council Members Directing Unspent Funds 

Council Member Christie (Amendment 5.02) – Caps Staffing Levels for Governmental Affairs During Interim 

Council Member Edwards (Amendment 4.04) – Develops Citywide Real Estate Strategy

Council Member Stardig (Amendment 6.02) – Includes Evidence of Bid Splitting in Monthly Financial Report 

Council Member Stardig (Amendment 6.03) – Controller to Identify All Unbudgeted Expenses Under $50,000

Council Member Stardig (Amendment 6.04) – Implements Vendor Monitoring for Public Works

Council Martin Martin (Amendment 10.01) – Maintenance Program for Lake Houston

Council Member Travis (Amendment 12.01) – Cost-Benefit Analysis for Waste Management Managed Competition 

Council Member Travis (Amendment 12.03) – Cost-Benefit Analysis for Fleet Management Managed Competition 


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