Candidate Filing Has Closed for Houston’s 2019 Municipal Election

Candidate Filing Has Closed for Houston’s 2019 Municipal Election

More than 100 candidates filed for a place on the 2019 municipal election ballot, by close of filing on Monday.

At 15, Council District D, the seat being vacated by mayoral candidate Dwight Boykins, has the most candidates. The highest profile race, the race for mayor, has 12 candidates

Kendall Baker, Dwight Boykins, Derrick Broze, Tony Buzbee, Naoufal Houjami, Bill King, Sue Lovell, Victoria Romero, Demetria Smith, Johnny Taylor, Sylvester Turner, and Roy J. Vasquez all filed to run for mayor.

In a surprise move, former Harris County Treasurer Orlando Sanchez threw his name into the ring to challenge Houston Controller Chris Brown to be the city’s next fiscal watchdog.

Here’s the complete list of candidates who have filed (as of 8/21):



Kendall Baker

Dwight A. Boykins

Derrick Broze

Tony Buzbee

Naoufal Houjami

Bill King

Sue Lovell

Victoria Romero

Demetria Smith

Johnny “J.T.” Taylor

Sylvester Turner

Roy J. Vasquez


City Controller

Chris B. Brown

Orlando Sanchez


Council Member, District A

Mehdi Cherkaoui

Marina Angelica Coryat

Lois Dickson Myers

Amy Peck

Iesheia Ayers-Wilson

George Harry Zoes
Council Member, District B

Robin J. Anderson

Cynthia Bailey

Prince E.W. Bryant II

Broderick F. Butler

Alvin D. Byrd

Karisma D. Gillam

Tarsha Jackson

Alice Kirkmon

Karen “KKC” Kossie-Chernyshev

Kenneth Perkins

Alyson Quintana

Renee Jefferson Smith

Ben White, Jr.

Huey German-Wilson
Council Member, District C

Candelario Cervantez

Michelle Ganz

Rodney Hill

Gladys House

Abbie Kamin

Shelley Kennedy

Sean P. Marshall

Greg Meyers

Bob Nowak

Daphne Scarbrough

Mary Jane Smith

Kevin Walker

Amanda Wolfe
Council Member, District D

Anthony Kirk Allen

Carla Brailey

Andrew C. Burks, Jr.

Rashad Cave

Marlon A. Christian

Jeremy Darby

Dennis Griffin

Mike Grissom

  1. “Nissi” Hamilton

Travis McGee

Dontrell L. Montgomery

Ken Moore

Jerome Provost

Carlyn Evans-Shabazz

Terrill D. Thomas
Council Member, District E

Sam Cleveland

Dave Martin
Council Member, District F

Adekunle “Kay” Elegbede

Van Huynh

G. “John” Nguyen

Richard Nguyen

Tiffany D. Thomas

Jesus Zachary Zamora
Council Member, District G

Tom Baker

Crystal Pletka

Greg Travis
Council Member, District H

Karla Cisneros

Isabel Longoria

Cynthia Reyes-Revilla

Gaby Salcedo
Council Member, District I

Robert Gallegos

Richard “Rick” Gonzales
Council Member, District J

Nelvin Adriatico

Federico “Freddie” Cuellar II

Barry Curtis

Rafael Galvan

Andrew “Drew” Patterson

Edward Pollard

Sandra Rodriguez
Council Member, District K

Martha Castex-Tatum

Kim Sauke

Gerry Vander-Lyn
Council Member, At-Large Position 1

Larry Blackmon

Mike Knox

Yolanda Navarro Flores

Georgia Provost

Raj Salhotra
Council Member, At-Large Position 2

Willie R. Davis

Emily Munoz DeToto

M. “Griff” Griffin

Jim Honey

David W. Robinson
Council Member, At-Large Position 3

Janaeya Carmouche

Jose Carlos Gonzalez

Michael Kubosh

Marcel McClinton
Council Member, At-Large Position 4

Bill Baldwin

Christel Bastida

Anthony Dolcefino

Javier Gonzalez

Tiko Hausman

Nick Hellyar

James “Joe” Joseph

Jennifer L. Laney

Ericka McCrutcheon

Letitia Plummer

Jason Rowe
Council Member, At-Large Position 5

Sallie Alcorn

J. Brad Batteau

Michelle Bonton

Erick Dick

Catherine Garcia Flowers

Ralph “Rafa” Garcia

Marvin McNeese Jr.

Sonia Rivera
Ashton P. Woods

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