About Urban Reform

Too often, conservatives ignore urban areas. Whether its urban governance or urban politics, they tend to leave it to the progressive left to handle and that behavior has led to nearly fifty years of Democratic control of U.S. cities.

What we have seen from that Democratic control isn’t the urban utopia the left would have you believe. But we have seen cities become plagued with political corruption, disastrous finances, regulatory burdens that hinder growth, a criminal justice system that disproportionately impacts those on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale, and continued expansion of poverty.

Through the implementation of comprehensive conservative policies in urban areas, there can be a revival.

This doesn’t mean just electing candidates who claim to be conservative and have a good message. It means rolling back regulation, holding law enforcement accountable, limiting the growth of government, reducing taxation and spending, and holding elected officials and government bureaucrats accountable for their actions.

Government should not operate in the dark, rather it should operate in a glass box where taxpayers have a seat at the table and full view of what is going on.

Urban reform hopes to be a platform that shares policy and political successes happening in one urban area with other areas. We also want to pose solutions to many of the issues holding back the growth of our cities. And we want to encourage municipal candidates who share a limited government, accountable, and transparent view on governance to seek office.

The idea of Urban Reform is to highlight some conservative successes in U.S. cities while offering conservative solutions to problems that urban hubs are facing. Uncontrollable pension liabilities, corruption, overregulation, restrictive policies, excessive spending, and taxation are just a few that need to be addressed to ensure the long-term viability of our nation’s cities. After being long-run by progressive Democrats, Conservatives have the unique opportunity to be the reformers.